How it Works

SmartTrash is a pro-active, live time compactor management system, designed to deliver better payloads consistently.
The scheduling is requested 24 hours in advance which will help your collectors schedule their day for productivity.

A small computer is attached to the control box of the compactor, and this measures a series of activities which contribute to the algorithm.

The measurements include energy usage per compactor cycle, records the number of cycles since the last collection, measures cycle time, it measures the length of each compactor stroke, and measures the hours since the
last collection.

More specific measurements are observed automatically and the consolidated analysis predicts the load weights in future.

The system then sends the data back via GSM network using GPRS packets to the internet. The data is then processed and stored in a system database server.

The information is stored in house and the collection request is forwarded to the SmartTrash computers.

Interested parties can view the data at any time via the SmartTrash app.

Collection requests are forwarded automatically from the system or may be overridden by the SmartTrash collection management team if special conditions apply.